Saturday, July 31, 2010

You've Got Mail

Although there are other means of communications through technology such as landlines, cell phones, text messaging, live chats, and instant messaging, one of the most commonly known is e-mail. E-mail is still used today by many. These e-mails can be sent via Facebook, personal or work e-mails. E-mail is the main source of communication throughout the entire world.

I use e-mail on a daily basis. I send e-mails through Facebook, personal, and work. When I get on Facebook and want to send a personal message to a friend, I e-mail her instead of writng on her "wall". I use my personal e-mails more to receive coupons and promotions from stores i shop at regularly, e-vites to activities, and to keep in touch with friends that do not have a Facebook account. As for work, I don't really send out e-mails unless I have to. Howver, I do receive e-mails communicating things that should be done for the day and how to go about them. E-mails is a good use for any purpose.

I don't know if most people would agree with me or not, but I think that e-mails will be around for an extremely long time. It is one of the main source of communications through technology. One that is world renoun and used by many for many different reasons. I used to, still, and will keep on using e-mail as a source of communication.

Live on the Web

Before, people would only talk to each other by phone without seeing each other. Today, we have technology such as Skype and the new iPhone 4 Live Chat. We now have the resources to chat with someone via satellite. Instead of dialing a phone number to speak to someone, you can now get on at the same time through the internet and see each other!!

A well known website that allows tou to video chat with others is Skype. Skypce came around about two or three years ago. It "sky rocketed" with users within the first few months it was out. People finally found a way to video chat with friends and others. Yes, one could use the webcam while using there instant messaging, but it it not the same as Skype. Skype allows you to see the other person in a bigger picture and format and you can just talk to each other as if you were face to face. In instant messaging, the audio would sometimes fail and therefore would have to continue chatting through instant messaging but still seeing each other.

The new introduction of the iPhone4 has everyone wanting one. This iPhone allows you to video chat with someone else that also has the iPhone 4. That would be the only downfall the phone has for video chat. The only advancement that this iPhone has over Skype is that you can video chat anywhere. For example, you can be on breka from work or in your car driving somewhere and still have a live chat with someone. That is pretty AWESOME!!! However, in order to reach to Skype level, everyone would have to own the iPhone 4.

There are so many ways of communicating with someone through technology. Video chats have become popular throughout the years and I believe it will survive for ever.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Text Messaging

Who doesn't text in today's society? My mom even learned how to text! This is insane but true. With text messaging involved in our daily lives, we don't have to speak on the phone as much. I think this is a downfall, because you no longer experience that one on one experience with the other person. Besides, text messaging is hard to understand. You don't know if the person is being nice, rude, sarcastic, and the list goes on. In other words you don't perceive the other persons reactions. Text messages can be misinterpreted.

Whatever happened to long conversations on the phone with a friend? Those days are long gone. I remember when I used to talk to my friends on the phone all the time. I miss those days. The experience is much more special, because you feel connencted to that person.

On the other hand, I can see where sometimes people would rather text. Personally, if i'm not in the mood to talk someone or don't have the time, I would text them. It is a convenient way to communicate with someone. However, I try not to do it as much. I still want to stay connected to my friends.

People in today's society are so consumed in their daily lives that they don't have time to make atleast one phone call. One should re-evaluate their day and make sure to call a friend atleast once a week. This ensures your connection with friends and family members.

Print Media to Online

Whatever happened to everyone owning a newspaper? Those days are long gone! Newspaper print have gone online. Newspapers like "The Wall Street Journal" and "The New York Time" are both in print and online. Subscribers join the online version rather than print. Because technology has enhanced, readers rather get their news online. Readers think that this is a faster way to get their news. However, did you know that the print version shares more news than the online version? Yes, there is more paper space to fit more news. Also, the print version allows you to play games such as Soduko, crosswords, and find the missing piece.

Print version is useful for those who travel on subways, trains, or airplanes. Usually there is no service to get online. While readers go to work or travel they get informed of their daily news. Also, readers in smaller cities tend to read print versions rather than online. This also has to do with the fact that there might not be as much technology as big cities.

I think that people should consider getting their news from both print and online. There might be important news that appear on the print version that is not on the online version. I believe that everyone should educated themselves with daily news around the world regardless of what the medium is.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Technology as a medium of technology

Communication has significantly changed in the past decade. Our daily activities are achieved in a different way than 10 or 15 years ago. Before we went to places without the worry of having a cell phone. We would come and go as we pleased without having conversations on cell phone. We would gladly use pay phones or wait till we got to our destination to use the land line. I remember having a beeper when I was a senior in high school. Once the cell phones were introduced, I then purchased one. I have had a cell phone ever since. Now, I can't leave my house without my cell phone. I feel "naked" if I don't have it on me. My cell phone ahs become a huge part of my life, because it's wear I get in contact with my family anf friends.

Other than cell phones usage there are internet sites that allow us to chat with others. A big one right now is Facebook. This is a good source to reach out to friends you haven't seen or heard of in years. However, whatever happened to just chatting online through AOL, MSN, or YAHOO. Instant messaging was the only way to chat with friends through the internet 10 years ago.

Other gadgets include iPods and GPS systems. Many teenagers and college students own an iPod. they like to listen to their music while walking to class or even while working out at the gym. Older folks are interested in gadgets such as GPS. Not many people go to mapquest to look for directions. They can find their destination through their GPS. People rely so much on their GPS that that's how they get to their destinations at the moment.

This all shows you how quickly new inventions and gadgets are introduced to the world. People love new things. If it has to do with technology, they are "all over it".